So Much Free Food!

Today there was free Ben & Jerry's on campus for the third time this month. This is getting a little ridiculous but in the best way possible! They are also coming back this Sunday to provide ice cream for a social with high school guidance consolers. I was lucky enough to be invited to join them and give them a tour of campus. Then, on April 28 they will be back on campus giving out even more ice cream for P-Day! Thats five days of free Ben & Jerry's in one month! If you like free ice cream this is definitely the school for you.
One of my favorite flavors!
Saint Michael's doesn't just give away free ice cream though. They also give away many other kinds of free food. Every Friday and Saturday night the RA's grill up some free food in the freshman quad. It rotates between chicken patties, hot dogs, burgers and chicken breast. They start serving the food at 11 and keep going until it runs out.

Most events give out food as well. Founders Society (the tour guide and blogger club) always has great food at their meetings. Usually they have some kind of dessert or snacks. However, at some meetings they give us full meals. They have Papa Franks cater the first meal of the year, get Moe's for the holiday party and have a cookout at the last meeting. We had the end of the year banquet yesterday and they cooked up some great burgers and hotdogs.
Don't worry, they had healthy options too but thats not my style.
I think all the free food helps St Mike's feel like a tighter community. You know what they say, a family that eats together stays together, making SMC one tight family.


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