The MOVE Program

The third major reason that I came to St. Mike's was the MOVE program. It stands for Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts. There are 22 different programs and all of them are student run. They range from walking greyhounds to mentoring children. You can even start up a new program if you want. There is a big bulletin board in Alliot where you can sign up for activities. Most are one time commitments but the mentoring programs require you to participant all year. I lead the Outdoor Volunteer Efforts program (OVE). We help clear local trails and work on organic farms.
These events are usually only a few hours long which makes them really easy to fit into your weekly schedule. However, there are also opportunities for longer periods of service. Over winter and spring break, Extended Service trips are offered to various sites around the country. You can go to Utah to work with animals, Buffalo to work in the school system, or New Orleans to work with Habitat for Humanity. There are many other sites as well. Last year I went to Texas to work outdoors. We cleared a trail that hadn't been open since hurricane Katrina and planted thousands of trees. This past January I went to Immokalee, Florida to work with Habitat for Humanity and help with after school programs. Each trip has    nine students (one being a leader) as well as one staff member. I can not think of a better way to spend vacation! You get to meet new people and do something meaningful at the same time. The first day is set aside for group bonding and activities so you can really get to know everyone. I still get excited whenever I see someone from extended service on campus
MOVE even offers two international trips. One to the Dominican Republic and the other one to India. The MOVE program offers tons of unique opportunities and I highly recommend getting involved if you go to St. Mike's.
Trip to the beach in January!

Installing hurricane straps in Florida

Clearing a trail in Texas
Chilling in a tree


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