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This past weekend was October break at Saint Mike's so we had Monday and Tuesday off. Our environmental club Green Up used this break to our advantage and went to Powershift which is a huge environmental conference in Pittsburgh, PA. It started Friday night so the 13 of us left at 5am on Friday morning. By after over ten hours of driving and many pit stops we finally made it the hostel we were staying at by 6:30 and got to the conference just in time. Over 6000 students and young leaders attended the conference. There were six workshops, some breakout sessions and highly keynote speakers and concerts.

It was great getting to bong with some of the Green Up members. There were six seniors, a junior, a sophomore and five first years so we had a decent mix of people. Everyone had a blast and we all learnt a lot. We made sure to go to different sessions so that we could all learn from each other after the conference ended. With about 20 sessions to choose from during each block this wa…

A Perfect Weekend

Last weekend could not have been any better! It had the perfect combination of fall activities, concerts, and just hanging out with friends. It started off like every weekend this semester by me leading a group of volunteers at the organic garden on campus. It is run though MOVE which is our volunteer program on campus. Every week we go down and do some weeding, cleaning, planting and whatever else needs to be done. Not only is it great to help out but it's also a perfect way to relax outside and meet some great people. That night we had the first Green Up potluck of the semester. Everyone brought food and we played Apples to Apples and a bunch of other games.

Saturday I went to Shelburne Farms with some friends. It's a giant property right on Lake Champlain and you can hike, pet cows and get some local food. Some of it was kind of meant for kids but it was still really fun. There was also a cheese tasting so of course we hung out for a while. My favorite part was getting lunc…