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It seems crazy to think that I have already been home for over a month and that I am leaving in less than three weeks. I got my visa back, sent in my travel plans and booked my hostel in Fiji. Everything is basically ready to go.
It feels even weirder thinking that two years ago I was waiting to find out who my roommate would be for freshmen year at SMC. It feels like it was yesterday. By the end of June I was going out to get the mail as soon as it came and on one of the first days of July I finally got my letter. My advice to all the incoming first years would be to find your future roommate on Facebook once you get the letter/email. I friended my roommate before registration day and we were actually able to meet each other when we came up for registration. It made it a little less stressful on move in day since we had already met. Of course not all roommates go to the same registration day so in that case just chat on Facebook a little so you can get to know each other. Also be sur…

A Day in the Life at SMC

I was looking through the Class of 2016 Facebook page yesterday and saw that some people were wondering what we do between classes at SMC. So I figured I would post my typical schedule for a few days from last semester.

9:00- Wake up and get ready for class
9:50- Go to Animal Behavior
10:50- Head over to Alliot for lunch with friends
11:30- Go back to my room and finish any homework for my next class
12:10- Go to Intro to Business
1:10- Head back to my room and watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother
2:00- Give a tour
3:00- Workout
4:00- Hang out with friends
6:00- Dinner
7:00- Green Up (our environmental club) meeting
8:00- Watch some TV
10:00- Do homework or hang out with friends
Midnight- Bed

Saturdays during ski season
8:00- Wake up and get ready to head to Smuggs thanks to the $30 season pass
4:00- Head back home
5:00- Shower
5:45- Go to Alliot for dinner
6:30- Nap
8:00- Get ready to hang out with friends
2:00- Bed

Saturdays not during ski season
11:00- Wake up
11:30- B…