Earth Fest!

Every year Green Up (the environmental club at SMC) puts on Earth Week. The week contains many environmental events including a trash clean up, guest speakers, documentary screenings and a local food night. Earth Fest is the big event that kicks it all off. We hire a band to come perform, provide free food and have various activities.
A full list of events
I, along with the rest of Green Up have been planning this event for months. I started the hiring process for the band all the way back in January. This past week has been especially busy for us. Last night I went shopping with my friend Lauren for all the food. It took about four hours and cost quite a bit, but seeing everyone enjoy it today was worth it.

This year Mission South came to perform. They did a great job and everyone seemed to enjoy the music. Most of the food that we provided was local and organic. We had hamburgers and veggie burgers as well as smoothies. People were actually able to make there own smoothies by pedaling a bike to turn the blender. My favorite food was the free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. You can never have too much free ice cream. We had many activities including a tie dye station, a face painting table and an area to plant some seeds in empty Ben & Jerry's. It seems like everyone had a good time which was great since as all of Green Up has put so much work into making the event run smoothly.
All of the activities at Earth Fest
I will most likely do another post later in the week about some of the other earth week events. In the meantime, start thinking about what you are going to do for Earth Day on April 22nd and have a great week!


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