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Goodbyes and Fiji

It's hard to believe that the semester is over. My last day in New Zealand was on the 14th then I went to Fiji for a few nights. The last week in New Zealand was bittersweet since everyone started leaving yet I was looking forward to Fiji and coming home. On Saturday night I went to town with a bunch of friends for one last night out. Then I found out that there was a big event on Monday night so I ended up having a second last night in town. There was some great music and I already miss going out to clubs with everyone. On the 13th I went blackwater rafting which was really cool. Black water rafting is when you go tubing in a cave. There were all kinds of glow warms and we got to go on a zip-line and even climb up waterfalls to get out.
Then at 2:30am wednesday morning it was time to leave. I did everything that I planned to do in New Zealand so I guess it was time to go. But I still want to go back at some point to visit people or better yet maybe they will come to the states …

The Milford Track!

At 4:45 Sunday morning I started my journey back to the south island to hike the Milford Track. It is a four day hike through Fiordland National Park that ends at Milford Sound. I went there by myself since no one else really seemed by for the journey. By 2pm I was on the boat that takes the walkers to the start of the track. Only 40 people are allowed to hike independently per day. There is also a guided walk option but they stay at different lodges. Looking around the boat I noticed that most of the people hiking were couples. After taking some picture though I noticed that there were some people my age. There were two girls from Sweden that are taking a gap year between high school and college. I also met Tyler who is from St. Lewis. He graduated college and is traveling around for a year before settling down. We ended up hiking together the whole time and also hiked with the girls a lot of the time.
The first day was an easy 1 hour hike to the first hut. In comparison to the rest…