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The Last Week

Just like that I'm done with my last fall semester at Saint Michael's. Somehow time seems to keep speeding up every year. The last week was full of studying for finals and writing papers but I also had time to do some other more exciting things. On Saturday I went to Smuggs for the first time of the season. There weren't a lot of trails open yet but one of the many benefits of getting a $65 season pass thanks to the Wilderness Program is that you can go on days with okay conditions and not waste any money. For the first week though it wasn't too bad. It was icy in some spots but there were more trails open than usual.

I also went to the Asiana house in Burlington for the first time. It's a sushi spot right near Church St and the food was really good. I got the White Tiger roll which is spicy scallop wrapped in rice which is fried then topped with unagi and spicy teriyaki sauce.

On Wednesday I had an interview with 350 VT for interning for the spring semester. I tho…

Tis the Season for Finals

One of my favorite things about Saint Mike's is how great it is to be on campus before Christmas. It has always been my favorite holiday and Saint Mike's sure knows how to make you get into the spirit.  As soon as we get back from Thanksgiving break the two big trees near the library are all lit up in lights, christmas trees show up all around campus and if we get lucky the whole campus is covered in a light layer of snow. It's this time of year that I feel the most at home at Saint Mike's. I think the best way to describe it would be by saying that all of campus feels cozy. Since this time of year is filled with finals and end of semester projects things may get stressful but a quick trip to the library walking past the decorated trees, getting free cookies and hot chocolate and seeing all my friends there trying to get work done makes everything so much less stressful. I really can't express how much better this time of year is due to all the decorations and holi…