Firefly Spotlight: Top Five Most Anticipated

There are tons of great bands playing Firefly this year covering a wide variety of genres. Every time I look at the lineup I seem to find an artist that I either forget was playing this year or didn't even know was on the lineup. I've been thinking a lot lately about who I'm most excited to see and I think I have narrowed it down to my top five (in no particular order since that was making it way too difficult).

1. The Weeknd- I've really been enjoying his Starboy album and he was on my list of people I wanted to try and get to see this year before the lineup was dropped. I think it's going to be a great high energy show. "False Alarm" is one of my favorite songs off his new album and I can't wait to dance like crazy when that song plays.

2. The Strumbellas- If you aren't familiar with The Strumbellas you should absolutely check them out. "Spirits" is a good place to start. They have a sound that is similar to The Lumineers and I think the…

Firefly Spotlight: Attractions

In addition to all the music at nine different stages throughout The Woodlands there are many activities scattered around the site to enjoy. Here's a look at some of my favorite things to check out during the weekend.
The Thicket- Want to dance? Head on over to The Thicket! This silent disco has two DJs playing tunes non-stop. You pick up headphones when you enter and can switch between the two different stations to listen to whichever DJ is playing your favorite songs. It's also fun to take off the headphones every once in a while and just watch all the people dancing and singing without any music playing. Hidden in the trees this spot also provides good shade coverage
The Nook- Formally known as the Hammock Hangout, this is where I go whenever I need to relax. You can bring your own hammock to tie to the trees or sit in one of the seating options that is already provided. In the past this used to be hammocks but it looks like they will have new seating options this year. I ten…

Firefly Spotlight: Top Five Firefly Performances

During the three years that I have been to Firefly I've seen countless artists perform and put on great shows. It can be hard to look back and think of what my favorite set was since each one can be so different. Some sets I've been up front and was able to feel like I was interacting with the artists, others I've been further back in a massive crowd of people feeding off the energy of the crowd and sometimes I'm far back sitting on the lawn chowing down on some food and just soaking in the vibes and sunlight. It's difficult to say that one kind of experience is better than others but I think I've finally  come up with a top five list. Here they are in no particular order:

Paul McCartney '15- Chills. I've never gotten so many chills during a concert in my entire life. Seeing such a legend perform with giant high definition screens, fireworks and such skill was a truly special experience. One of my friends has a tattoo referencing "Ob-La Di, Ob-La D…

Firefly Spotlight: Community

One incredible and I think unique aspect of Firefly is the sense of community that exists both at the festival itself and year-round. Whether it's through camping, ambassador programs, or message boards there are always ways to get to know other members of the #fireflyfam. The first way I got to know other members of the community was through camping. In 2013 our neighbors were four friends in their 20's from Virginia and they were extremely excited to see Vampire Weekend. They helped us get settled and learn how to properly camp. Last year my group had some great neighbors and we hung out together all weekend. We played games, made a couple meals together and combined our campsites to make one big community area. I love getting to know new people and when we have something in common such as our love for music, it's really easy to become friends quickly.

Last year I decided to apply for the Brand Ambassador program since I wanted to help get the word out about the festiva…

Firefly Spotlight: Food

Yes Firefly is a music festival but it offers so much more than just incredible live music. Over the next two months I'll be highlighting various other aspects of the festival that keep me coming back each year. First up is the food! It there is one thing I love more than live music it's food. I remember my first year at Firefly in 2013 I had no clue what I was doing. I basically put a tent, two chairs and a cooler with some beer into the car and trekked down to Delaware. We didn't bring any food with us and ended up walking over to McDonalds for multiple meals over the course of the weekend.
In 2015 I was slightly more prepared and brought some snacks and breakfast food. That year my friends started camping in premiere (an awesome camping option which I'll talk about in a few weeks) and we were not able to walk over to the restaurants as easily. We started going to the camping hub for our pre-festival food and did not regret it. Our first day I went to this food truck…

Getting Ready for Firefly!

If you know me at all I've most likely mentioned Firefly to you at least once. My good friends must hear me mention it at least once a week. Going to concerts has sort of become my thing and there is no better place to see your favorite bands perform than Firefly. Firefly Music Festival is a four day event that happens every June in Dover, Delaware. It combines all the good things in life (such as camping, music, a beer arcade, silent discos and delicious food) into one amazing experience. I first heard of Firefly in 2013 and immediately got a ticket once I found out that people such as Tom Petty, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Calvin Harris, Zedd, Foster the People, Matt and Kim and many more would be playing.

I convinced my friend Ben to join me and we ended up having a fantastic time. Not only were there so many good acts to see, but the whole experience was unlike anything else I've ever been a part of. Upon arriving we immediately became friends with our neighbors and starte…

A Tropical Break

This year for spring break my friends and I somehow managed to get our act together and plan a trip. We went on a week long Carnival cruise out of Baltimore and it was by far the best vacation ever. The trip started with a long drive from Saint Mikes to Baltimore. Since ten of us went we split up into two cars, one for the guys and one for the girls. The ride went by quickly though since I made an eight hour playlist so there was always good songs playing. We stayed in a hotel overnight and the next morning we made our easy to the port.

 When we were walking onto the boat it finally hit us. We were actually on a vacation with ten friends and we were going to Florida and the Bahamas! The boat was awesome and there was always something to do. Since it was spring break there was an interesting mix of college students and couples. Every day they delivered a list of events to us and we tried to make as many of the fun ones as we could. There was trivia, dance parties, stand up comedians, l…