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Free Paramore Concert!

Two weeks ago I went Tilley's which is a bar right off campus. Every Thursday night they have Buzz night which is sponsored by a local radio station Buzz 99.9. They always have free pizza (my main reason for going) and fun games with prizes. I decided to sign up for the frozen T-Shirt contest. This consists of two people being given folded frozen shirts and they have a contest to see who can put it on first. My friend Jenna was the other person picked but I ended up winning and got tickets to see Paramore in Montreal. I had an extra ticket and decided to take my friend Justin since the whole reason I signed up was so that he might be able to go.

The next week our friend Sarah won tickets but couldn't go so Jenna ended up taking them along with our friend Kristen. Just like that we had a group of four people to go on a road trip to Montreal together. The concert was on a Monday so we drove up after class and drove back down after the show. Since Montreal is less than two hours …

Last Semester!

It's hard to believe but last week I signed up for my last semester of classes at Saint Mike's. I remember moving into Joyce like it's yesterday yet somehow graduation is coming this May. I only have to take three more classes instead of the usual four which is nice since I will have extra time for an internship, part time job and or skiing.
Here are the classes I'm taking:

Biology Senior Seminar- This one works with business majors to start an environmental start up company. We present our plans and the top business plans get selected to compete in front of judges for a cash prize. Since I'm a Business minor as well as an Environmental Studies minor I feel like this class was made just for me!

Environmental Problems- This is my last class for my Environmental Studies minor and it only meets once a week so that we can go on field trips to various places during class time. Almost every week is a field trip which should be really interesting.

Human Physiology- This i…