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My Last MOVE Trip

The MOVE program has been one of the most important parts of my time at Saint Mike's. I've had the privilege to go on an extended service trip every year and each trip has been a great experience. I did environmental work in Texas, worked with Habitat for Humanity and kids in Immokalee, had a life changing experience in the Dominican Republic and just got back from a week of working in a middle school in Buffalo.
This year I applied to go on a trip like everyone else but was actual selected to be a trip leader since they always need to pull up a couple of people since there are more trips than there are extended service committee members. I was a little nervous at first since leading a group of ten people for a week seemed a little overwhelming but as soon as I met with my group I knew it would go well. I had an amazing group and we all became really close over the course of the week.

We worked at the NativityMiguel Middle School. If you click the link and watch the video you …