The Community

The last major reason that I picked St. Mike's was because of the community. On my tour, the guide kept on mentioning the sense of community. I thought it was a little over exaggerated but once I talked to people who go here I knew it was all true. Since you live on campus for all four years there really is a strong sense of community on campus. Everyone looks out for each other and most people are always friendly. I always feel safe on campus and feel that nothing bad will happen. I even leave my laptop out when I go to get a snack or drink in the library without having to worry about someone taking it.

Every morning on my way to class I am always greeted by friendly smiles and hellos from friends and acquaintances. There is even a random acts of kindness club on campus that will sometimes hand out hot chocolate on the way to class. The professors are also part of the community. They always take the time to get to know their students and are sure to say hello and even start up a conversation if they see you passing in the halls. They really care about how you are doing, not just in their classes but in general.

The RAs help foster a sense of community as well. There are always plenty of events going on around campus that many people participate in. For example, every Friday and Saturday night there is free food in the quad from 11-1. People from all over campus come to get some chicken patties and socialize. Each hall also has its own social every weekend. There are also free bowling nights and trips to nearby Pizza Putt. For $5 you get all the pizza you can eat, laser tag, mini golf and arcade games.

It is kind of hard to explain how great of a community St. Mike's is. I guess the best way to put it is that it feels like home. I've actually gotten in trouble with my parents since I tend to refer to SMC as home. If you want to see for yourself how great the community is, come up for a visit!


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