Firefly Spotlight: Top Five Most Anticipated

There are tons of great bands playing Firefly this year covering a wide variety of genres. Every time I look at the lineup I seem to find an artist that I either forget was playing this year or didn't even know was on the lineup. I've been thinking a lot lately about who I'm most excited to see and I think I have narrowed it down to my top five (in no particular order since that was making it way too difficult).

1. The Weeknd- I've really been enjoying his Starboy album and he was on my list of people I wanted to try and get to see this year before the lineup was dropped. I think it's going to be a great high energy show. "False Alarm" is one of my favorite songs off his new album and I can't wait to dance like crazy when that song plays.

2. The Strumbellas- If you aren't familiar with The Strumbellas you should absolutely check them out. "Spirits" is a good place to start. They have a sound that is similar to The Lumineers and I think their set would be perfect as a late afternoon chill time. That doesn't mean the crowd will be standing still though. They have a great variety of folk and upbeat songs. One of my personal faves is "Did I Die?" off of their We Still Move on the Dance Floors album. If you haven't watched the lineup video yet you should check it out. I'm in there for a fraction of a second saying their name.
3. Gryffin- I watched the live stream for Gryffin when he played at Coachella last month and decided he is an act that I need to see. He's an EDM musician who DJ's but also incorporates live instruments such as drums and the piano into his set. His remix of "Desire" by Years & Years is fire. Gryffin also has collaborated with other Firefly 2017 artists including Daya and Illenium so I'm excited to see if he brings anyone else onto stage as a surprise guest.

4. The Naked and Famous- I only knew a couple of their songs before the lineup was released but as I've been researching all the artists I've found them to be pretty great. Their sound is comparable to CHVRCHES in some ways. Basically happy indie electronic music which is one of my favorite genres. "Girls Like You" is my personal favorite right now. It starts off mellow and builds up to an invigorating dance section before calming you down again.

5.Bleachers- This is the only artist on my list that I've already seen before but I needed to include them since their music is so good. I saw Bleachers at a 99 cent show and was blown away by how fun it was. Last year Jack Antonoff (the front man of Bleachers) performed an acoustic set at the Coffeehouse stage and that was a great performance as well. With the new album coming out June 2nd, I'm excited to hear all their new material!


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