The Last Week of Sophomore Year

This past week has been a blast! Classes ended May 2nd and my last final was on the 10th. Many people tend to freak out and stress during finals week, but for me it's one of the most relaxing weeks.  Since I tend to remember things well I really don't need to study that much. Instead of studying I tend to do some exploring during the last week. Saturday I went to the Connecting the Dots event, Sunday I went hiking and Tuesday I had some friends over for one last game night before the end of the semester.
Carrie and I at the top of the hike
The hike was a great Sunday hike. We were able to sleep in, eat brunch and I was even able to watch the SNL episode from the previous night before heading out.
The view
The best part of the week started after my last final. I was lucky enough to stay up during Senior Week in order to collect old furniture when the seniors moved out. This means that I was at SMC with some friends and had no work to do. Dream come true! I went to Sneakers for brunch on Friday with some other Senior Week workers, then we went to North Beach for the afternoon. It was a great day! On Saturday my parents came up to bring home most of my stuff since they couldn't come up today. We went out to eat at Three Tomatoes and got one final ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. Then today was graduation. It was a little sad since all my senior friends were leaving but I know that they will all go on to do great things. After collecting the furniture I made one last stop at Church St for some food then went back to Massachusetts. Now I have about 6 weeks of summer before my next big adventure!


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