Connecting the Dots

I just got back from a perfect day with the environmental club, Green Up. The day is about connecting all the bizarre weather events to climate change. We started off the day by taking a photo on campus to show our support for the cause. We tried to form a giant dot and it kind of worked.
Taken by Jeff Clarke
Field of dandelions on the ride there
Some members of Green Up went to a rally in Waitsfield, Vt which is about an hour away. The ride there was quite scenic since everything is in bloom. We also listened to some great music which I hadn't heard before. When we got there it wasn't too crowded yet which gave us plenty of time to check out the venders. There was lots of local food and places to sign petitions in order to get legislation passed for various environmental causes. We met an extremely knowledgable women who told us all about the importance of local food. I also found out that even if food says it is organic, they can still use chemicals to preserve the freshness which I find a little upsetting. There were dogs everywhere which made the whole event even better. We met this one puppy that I really wanted to steal and bring back to school with me. She was seriously the cutest dog I have even seen and we were lucky enough to be able to play with her. This is a little off topic, but I don't know of much that makes college students happier than seeing a dog.

Of course since this is Vermont, the Ben & Jerry's truck was on hand to give out some free ice cream. He actually recognized Dan from Earthfest which I thought was pretty cool. The main event consisted of speeches from Bernie Sanders and Bill McKibben. Bernie  is a VT senator and Bill McKibben is a professor at Middlebury and founder of Bill talked about all the crazy weather that has been occurring throughout the world. After the speeches we all went outside for another connect the dots picture. This one was quite a bit bigger and they even used a remote controlled helicopter to take it.
This was a fun, relaxing and educational day. I could not think of a better way to spend a Saturday!

Relaxing with some Ben & Jerry's
Learning all about local food 
My new best friend
There was a climate change game but it was too complex so we made our own!
Bernie Sanders! The only politician that I trust.
Bill McKibben with another dog.


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