Summer Music

I find that I'm in the car much more during the summer since I don't really use my car much at SMC. Whether I'm driving to work, going to see friends or doing errands I always need music while driving. I hate hearing the same songs on the radio so I always have my iPhone playing. I just finished making my summer playlist which has 130 songs so I should be all set. It has a combination of old songs such as TubthumpingHere In Your Arms and The Remedy as well as some newer songs.
I've downloaded a bunch of songs during the last few weeks. Here are some songs that I'm currently listening to over and over:
Take A Walk- Passion Pit
On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons
Good Day- Nappy Roots
Play Hard in 2012- a mashup by Buck
Spring Wind- Jack Johnson
Gold Dust - DJ Fresh

I hope everyone is having a great summer and feel free to send me any suggestions for new songs!


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