Preparing for New Zealand Part 2

Last week I finally got all the flight information for my trip from the study abroad program.We leave July 4th. I can't believe it is only two months away! The program ends on November 15th but I was planning on spending some extra time in New Zealand before heading back home. However, I received some exciting information in the group flight packet. It turns out that we have the option to add a stop over in Fiji on our way home for only $200 more!!! The program only helps with booking the flights so I would be completely on my own for the rest of the planning but I think I can manage!

Therefore, I have decided to leave New Zealand on the 15th then spend a few days in Fiji. This will allow me to still be home in time for Thanksgiving. I could not think of a more perfect plan. I did not know much about Fiji before deciding on this, but after doing some research this seems like a perfect place to try out traveling on my own. The scenery is amazing and the weather is warm and sunny. Also, there are many places that cater to backpackers. This means that there are some really amazing looking hostels. Within two days of finding out about this opportunity I already figured out the gameplay for what to do during my time there.

After a couple hours of searching the web I found a place called The Beachhouse. According to them, it is Fiji's best budget resort. After looking at the pictures I agree with that statement. You can get a bed in a six person bunkhouse for $20 a night which is pretty good if you ask me. They provide free breakfast and afternoon tea, free sea kayaks and lots of cheap excursions. I think this will be a perfect way to relax before heading back home and I'm even more excited to study abroad now! I'll leave you with some pictures taken from the resort.
The dorms
They even have a swing!
Some nearby rafting


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