The Joy of Orientation

Hey Class of 2016!
Hopefully you are looking forward to making your way to Colchester, Vt in just over two weeks! I know I was counting down the days at this point. I know for a fact that the O-Leaders can not wait until they get back to SMC and you all show up. Although it was almost two years ago now I can still remember orientation like it was yesterday.

Move in day brought about a bunch of emotions. I was excited, slightly nervous, and felt a little awkward. That is totally normal though. In fact the O-leaders make signs to welcome you and one said "Honk if you feel awkward". Had I been driving I defiantly would have honked the horn. However, that awkward feeling quickly went away once I realised that everyone was in the same boat. My parents and the O-leaders helped move in all my stuff, we went to Wallmart to pick up some supplies and my parents left to go back home. Then I went to the cookout with my orientation group. It was lots of fun getting to meet everyone and we played some ice breaker games and had some forced fun. After that was Convocation then it was off to the fun for all. DO NOT MISS THIS. The fun for all was actually fun. I don't want to ruin it but you will be laughing and bonding with your new class mates. In fact I even went to it last year with some friends since we came up to school early. Then we went back to the residential halls and had some Dominos. Nothing like free food to bring your hall together!

Friday we had a good amount of free time. I went into town with my neighbour from back home and her roommate. The first of many trips to Church St. for delicious food. I got my room all set up and talked to people in my hall. Leave your door open whenever you are in the room for the first few weeks. It makes it really easy to meet people. Just stop by and introduce yourself. That night was the dance. The O-Leaders will find you if you are not dancing so make sure you're dancing all night long. They may attack you otherwise (but not in a mean or scary way, more like a "Welcome to SMC, lets have fun" kind of way).
The hypnotist!
Saturday brought about some advising sessions and program fairs. Then at night it was the hypnotist. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT EITHER. I was crying from laughing so hard.
Easy-Mac bonding time on Saturday night with my roommate Andy, Carrie and Christina!
Sunday morning was Connections. GO TO THIS TOO. Then I went to the fair with some friends that I met earlier during orientation. In all it was an awesome four days. If felt like what I would imagine summer camp to feel like.
Part of the group I went to the fair with.
PS. Be sure to take lots of pictures. I just went through mine so I could put some in this post and realised that I don't have any.I had to borrow some of my friend's.


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