Another Solid Weekend

This past weekend was a lot of fun. It was the last weekend that I will actually be in Albany for a long time since we have so many trips planned. Friday night we went over the the sports bar across the way to enjoy some all you can eat pizza. Then people came back to my place to play some games. The next morning I woke up and within 40 minutes was already on my way out the door. We went paddle boarding in Takapuna which was great. It was a slow day so the shop owners let us go out for as long as we wanted and we only had to pay for an hour. We ended up going for about three hours. I will definitely be doing this again before I go home. The owner was telling us that if you go fast enough dolphins may start swimming along next to you. Looks like I have a new goal!
New hobby!

When we got back I went to make dinner only to have my friend Greg bust into the flat telling me that we were leaving in 30 minutes to go to Mt Albert. We went over there to see his friends from high school and I figured I would tag along since I always like meeting new people. It was another great night even though we didn't get back until 3:30.

On Sunday I went to a Warriors rugby game with IFSA-Butler. It wasn't as exciting as I had hoped and they ended up losing at the last second which was kind of disappointing but it was still fun. It got me pumped for the All Blacks rugby game this coming Saturday. That promises to be quite an exciting game since the All Blacks are the national team and everyone gets really into it.

This week I actually have to do some school work which feels odd. I have a paper due on September 7th but need to finish it by the 24th since I will be gone on break. I've gotten 500 out of 2000 words done so far and am using this blog as a way to procrastinate at the moment.

I can't help but get excited for break. We have so much planned from walking on a glacier and bungy jumping to going on a winery tour and visiting Milford Sound. We also have decided to rent a car for the duration of our time in New Zealand. The buses were getting really inconvenient and expensive. If actually made more sense for us to just split a car rental four ways. I'm really excited about this since not having a car really limited my weekday adventures.

I may do another post before leaving for break if I have time. Otherwise I most likely wont be doing another post until around the 10th of September since we wont have much internet access on the south island.


  1. MIKE these pictures are so awesome! have fun on your break!! sounds like you have some great adventures ahead :)


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