Have a Great Fall Semester!

Over the past few days the amount of updates about SMC has skyrocketed. When ever I go on Twitter or Facebook I always see some new post about how someone just moved in or is getting all packed up. I'm so excited for the O-Leaders and the Class of 2016! I hope everyone has a fantastic orientation. You may think that you will never want to hear whistles again after this week but trust me you will actually miss them.
I hope that the rest of the school has a great move in weekend. I cant help but get a little sad since I'm not going to be there but I'm still excited for you all!  Study abroad has made me realize that SMC is really a unique and special place. The sense of community is so strong and I miss running into so many people I know when I walk around campus. Also, the fact that there is no free food on Friday and Saturday nights here has really taken some getting used to. I could really go for a chicken patty right now :)
If you run out of things to do during the fall here are some of the top things I would recommend:

1. The Champlain Valley Fair
It is only a few minutes away and has some really fun rides and big concerts. Train is playing on the 25th with Mat Kearney. It should be a really good show.

2. Take a trip to the Islands
They are about 20-30 minutes north of campus. The Sandbar State Park has some great views and you can walk out into the lake for a really long way before it gets deep. There is also the best apple orchard in South Hero. They have cider donuts that are not to be missed. If you are in the Class of 2016 be sure to sign up for the first year apple picking since this is where you go. Not to mention the fact that MOVE is great!

3. Take a trip to Stowe
This is best during the peak foliage season. The drive is breathtaking and there is lots of opportunities to get free samples on the way there. You drive past the Ben and Jerry's factory and if you take a tour they give you some ice cream at the end. If you keep driving you will come to the Cabot store and they always have lots of cheese to try. After that the cider mill is on the right and you can get free cider! Vermont at it's finest.

4. Do something with the Wilderness Program
Actually, do lots of stuff with the Wilderness Program. The programs range from $5-$15 (they change about $85 for the same thing here in NZ) and provide you with pretty what everything you need.

I hope everyone has a great fall semester! I miss everyone but am having the time of my life in New Zealand. I look forward to getting back on the SMC campus in December though!


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