Get Pumped Class of 2016!

I know I have been posting a lot about my time in New Zealand but that doesn't mean that I forgot about the Class of 2016! You now have less than one month until move in and orientation. I will be posting tips once a week until move in day in order to help calm your nerves/get you pumped. If you are like me, you are looking forward to meeting new people and even for classes to start. I was however a little nervous about having everything that I would need and what to pack.

So here is my list of what you should bring and what you don't need. Fellow blogger Alex had a great post going over the same topic so be sure to check hers out. I agree with pretty much everything that she said but I'm going to focus on other items.

Things to Bring

1. Flip flops/sandals
There is no AC in the residence halls so the first few weeks will most likely be a little hot. Make sure you have some flip flops to get around campus in and maybe even stop by North Beach in. Also, I would always wear flips flops year round to the bathroom so I don't have to worry about stepping in anything.

2. Camping/hiking gear
If you have wanted to get into outdoor activities but never got around to it, now is the time! The Wilderness program puts on great hiking, kayaking and rock climbing trips for no more than $15. They supply everything you need, but it is important to have the right clothes. I bought some hiking boots before heading up to SMC and am so glad that I did! They also come in handy during the winter months since they come up a little higher than sneakers and have better grip. They are also much warmer than sneakers. Non-cotton layers are great to have for the fall. Cotton will absorb any moisture so if it rains while you are hiking you would get cold. Other fabrics will keep you warm like polyester wool and other synthetic materials.

3. Plates and utensils
You are going to have an unlimited meal plan, but that doesn't mean that you don't need snacks! Of course it will be easier to buy your snacks once you move in, but be sure to bring up utensils. My first year we had to use our hands for everything and use paper towels as plates until we finally got around borrowing some Alliot supplies. It is very difficult to make easy-mac without a bowl so make sure to bring a few of those as well.

4. Posters and Command Strips
Your room will feel like home much quicker if you bring some posters. The walls in the halls are usually white so it looks a little sad if nothing is hung up. If you don't have any poster don't panic. There is a big poster sale during the first few weeks of class. I recommend getting the command strips to hang them up. They make taking everything down much easier. My roommate didn't use them and ended up tearing half his posters when we moved out.

Don't Stress Over:

1. Textbooks
I see a lot of people asking questions about textbooks on the Facebook page. Some classes don't have books listed, some have optional books, some sections don't have any book. My advice is to not worry at all about that. You will have time to figure it all out when classes start. Professors do not expect everyone to have all the books on the first day and in fact a good chunk of the first class is usually devoted to what you are expected to get.

2. Meeting new people
It's normal to be a little apprehensive about being away from your family and meeting new people. The great thing about orientation is that everyone is in the same boat. Even if you are shy I can guarantee you that people will come up and introduce themselves to you. I truly believe that SMC is the friendliest campus and the O-Leaders will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

Don't Bring:
1. Skis
It is best to wait until October break to bring up your ski gear. That way you can bring back your summer stuff in order to open up some room for everything. If you don't go home for October break you can wait until Thanksgiving. There may be a few trails open before then but you wont miss anything good.

2. A Printer
SMC has a great free printing system. There is a printer in every dorm so it is never far away. Also when you hit print, you send your paper into a a cloud like system. This allows you to print something at night then go over to the printer, slide your ID and pick it up on the way to class. If you bring your own printer you are just wasting space and money.

Hopefully this helped you a little bit. Feel free to comment with any questions!


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