Spring Break: Queenstown

Sorry for not having an update the last few days. I ran out of internet from trying to put up videos and photos, half of which didn't even make it up. Then I went to Rotorua for Adventure Weekend with IFSA-Butler...more on that later. Now back to the the Spring Break updates:

Day 6 Continued
Part of the view from our balcony.
Upon arriving in Queenstown we drove straight to the hostel. When we pulled up we thought we entered the wrong address into the GPS. It looked like a hotel complete with balconies and a large lobby. Not only that, but they had free dinner five days a week in addition to the free breakfast. We had a four person dorm so it was just us in the room and we had a balcony which had a pretty nice view. There was even a sauna! So if you are ever in Queenstown be sure to stay at Nomads. We got there around 6pm and get ready for the night ahead. We signed up for a pub crawl that started at 8:30 over at The World Bar. It is a sister bar to Cassette which is where we often go in Auckland so it was a nice place to start. Some of Megan and Lauren's friends from their program met up with us and we were off the the next bar. It was a really good deal since the crawl included six drinks and entry into an ice bar for $25. Usually the ice bar costs $32 in itself. If was a great night and was really fun meeting all kinds of new people. We went to Fergburger which is a local burger shop for some late night food. It was really good but I still like Five Guys better.

Day 7
On Saturday we explored around Queenstown. It reminded me of Burlington in a lot of ways. It had a waterfront, a street that was a mini version of Church St and had some great stores and restaurants. Caroline and I decided to hike up a nearby mountain. You could also take a gondola up to the top but hiking was more fun and a lot cheaper. The views were great and we could see our hostel. It was a lot more developed at the top than we were expecting which was kind of a let down but it was still a great hike. The hostel gave us some free Mexican dinner which was actually really good. Everyone hung out in the common area for a little while and a big group of IFSA-Butler people came in. It turns out we were all staying at the same hostel! It was great seeing people from Wellington again since I'm not sure if I will make it down there. Later on some of us went to Cowboys which is a western bar. It was a lot of fun listening to what they considered western music. There were some classics but also some random songs such as Tubthumping, which even though it's a great song didn't quite fit in with the theme. I think we were able to sing along to every song. It was a nice chill night after the big pub crawl the night before.
From the top of the gondola.
Day 8
This day was full of adrenaline. It started off with bungy jumping. We decided to do the biggest one in New Zealand. It was 134 meters and we had to take a cable car up to the jump point. Not going to lie I was shaking a little while putting the straps on. I was the first to jump in our group and it was awesome! If went by way too fast but it was the most thrilling thing I have ever done. Then we went to the giant swing which is at the same place. This was a lot of fun and lasted longer than the buggy. I went with Lauren since it was cheaper to do it together. It also turns out that you go faster which was a plus. We decided to go backwards and flipped upside down on the first drop. After that we went back to the hostel and had some lunch. Then it was time for the jetboat. I honestly think that was scarier than the bungy. We went through canons and got extremely close to the rocks. The driver did lots of 360 turns and liked to turn the boat at the last second. It was tons of fun! That night we went out again since to celebrate our last night in Queenstown. We went out with some other IFSA-Butler people and some of the people from my friends group. We went back to Cowboy for some free pool and darts then went to Altitude which is at the bottom of X-Base which is another popular hostel. I go to order a drink and hear my name being called. It turns out that Ibby from SMC was there! We just realized that we were both in NEw Zealand the week before and were trying to meet up but it wasnt working due to limited internet access. It was a great surprise and really nice to see someone from Saint Mike's.
Crappy quality but SMC Reunion!


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