Spring Break: The Last Update

So over two weeks later and I'm still writing about spring break. Sorry it took so long but there was so much to cover. I'll try to get caught up to current events soon.

Day 13
The train station.
This was our last full day in Dunedin so we did some sight seeing. We heard that the train station was cool so we went over to check that out. Then we made our way over to Baldwin Street which is the steepest street in the world. Megan and I tried racing up it. We both stopped running before reaching the top but I went farther so I consider that a win on my part. From there we went over to the botanical gardens. It seems like each city has one. The one in Christchurch was much better in my opinion but this one was still pretty cool. There was an avery which had some really unique looking birds in it. We didn't spend much time there since we had to pick up Adam for our trip to the Otago peninsula. We were trying to find some seals, sea lions and penguins. The penguins were what I really wanted to see. We made a pitstop at the only castle in New Zealand. I was expecting a much bigger castle and it cost money just to get onto the property so I was a little disappointed. Soon enough we were back on track though. Our first goal was to see the penguins. We went to the very tip of the peninsula since there was a picture of a penguin on the map there. Sadly it turns out that you have to go on a tour to see them and we didn't feel like paying so we didn't get to see them. So we continued on to see some sea lions. We were walkin to the beach and didnt see anything. At this point we were getting a little upset at this map since we knew that there were sea lions somewhere on the peninsula yet it took us to a beach with none. Right as we saying how much of a failure this excursion was I basically walked right into a sea lion. I think I scared myself and the sea lion. This made the trip a success in my eyes.

View from the top of Baldwin St.
The Dunedin Central Backpackers crew!
Once we got back to the hostel and finished dinner we hung out in the common area again with some of the same people from the night before along with a few new faces. We "socialized" which basically means we played more drinking games but we were not allowed to call them that since we were told to not play any drinking games the night before. About half of us ended up going out afterwards to some of the bars and clubs around Dunedin. They weren't as great as the Queenstown ones but they were still pretty good. We started off at some bars with live music then made our way over to the Monkey Bar which used to be a church. It was really odd seeing a giant DJ booth set up in front of an organ but it was really fun. Afterwards when we were walking home we passed another church that had people outside giving away free sausages to people. If made me feel like I was back at Saint Mike's!

Day 14
Sea lion!!
This was our last full day. We started off by going back to the Otago peninsula since we found out where there are more seals. It was worth the trip. On the walk to the beach there was this big dune you had to walk down. Megan and I both looked at it and decided that the best way to get down was to roll. It was lots of fun but sadly I lost my phone in the process. Luckily though a kind Kiwi found it and shipped it back to me! I'm pretty sure this would not have happened back home. After seeing the seals and sea lions we started making our way back to Christchurch. We stopped at these boulders along the way which were pretty cool. They are round rocks that are found on a beach. After having some lunch here we made the last leg of our trip. We arrived back in Christchurch but stayed at a different hostel this time that is right near the beach. Caroline and I thought it would be a good idea to go out one last time on the south island. It didn't go so well though. Since we were not near the center of the city there wasn't many places to go. We followed the music to this one bar but we were about half the age of the average person there. All the men were balding and it just wasn't that fun. Once someone came in with a walker we knew it was time to go.

Day 15
The boulders which I can't remember the name of.
We woke up at the crack of dawn and went to the airport. After a short flight we got back to Auckland and rented another car for two months so that we can go on more trips. Then we drove back to Lucas Creek and took a nice nap!

There you go, if you actually read all these updates congrats! I don't think I would have had the patience.


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