Firefly Spotlight: Food

Yes Firefly is a music festival but it offers so much more than just incredible live music. Over the next two months I'll be highlighting various other aspects of the festival that keep me coming back each year. First up is the food! It there is one thing I love more than live music it's food. I remember my first year at Firefly in 2013 I had no clue what I was doing. I basically put a tent, two chairs and a cooler with some beer into the car and trekked down to Delaware. We didn't bring any food with us and ended up walking over to McDonalds for multiple meals over the course of the weekend.
In 2015 I was slightly more prepared and brought some snacks and breakfast food. That year my friends started camping in premiere (an awesome camping option which I'll talk about in a few weeks) and we were not able to walk over to the restaurants as easily. We started going to the camping hub for our pre-festival food and did not regret it. Our first day I went to this food truck that had buffalo chicken stuffed pretzels and I fell in love. It was a perfect combo of spicy, salty and buttery. At that point I decided I would make it my mission to try all the food places the festival has to offer. Here are a few of my favorite food places that usually show up to Firefly:

Photo from Island Noodles Facebook page
Island Noodles: Last year leading up to the festival I heard a lot of people talking about their love for Island Noodles, so I knew I had to give it a try. They serve up noodles stir fried with some vegetables and chicken. You know that Chinese food place in the mall that always offers free samples and has great food? It kind of reminded me of that but like 10x better. I ended up going here twice over the course of the weekend and have been craving it ever since then. If you're a vegetarian they also offer a meat free option.

Gouda Boys: Ok, so I haven't actually been there yet but after hearing all my Firefly friends talk about how incredible it is, I have it at the top of my list for 2017. They are known for their gansta steaks which consist of mac and cheese with various toppings on a sub roll. The Mr. Pink sounds amazing with fried chicken, mac and cheese, gouda cheese sauce and maple bacon! It might not be the healthiest option but with all the walking and dancing that will be taking place I think it will all balance out.
The Frank White from Gouda Boys
 (photo from Gouda Boys Facebook page)

The Cheesy Pig: This is one of the many food spots that is run by the owners of Firefly. Once again it combines cheese with meat, so what can go wrong? They offer pulled pork mac and cheese, pulled pork nachos and a pulled pork sandwich. Last year I got the pulled pork nachos and was blown away with how good they were. You can make them spicy by adding some jalapenos which made it even better.

Just writing this post is making me crave all these foods. Luckily Firefly is less than two months away! What foods are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.


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