A Tropical Break

This year for spring break my friends and I somehow managed to get our act together and plan a trip. We went on a week long Carnival cruise out of Baltimore and it was by far the best vacation ever. The trip started with a long drive from Saint Mikes to Baltimore. Since ten of us went we split up into two cars, one for the guys and one for the girls. The ride went by quickly though since I made an eight hour playlist so there was always good songs playing. We stayed in a hotel overnight and the next morning we made our easy to the port.

 When we were walking onto the boat it finally hit us. We were actually on a vacation with ten friends and we were going to Florida and the Bahamas! The boat was awesome and there was always something to do. Since it was spring break there was an interesting mix of college students and couples. Every day they delivered a list of events to us and we tried to make as many of the fun ones as we could. There was trivia, dance parties, stand up comedians, live music, mini golf contests and more.

I think one of the best things about a cruise is the food. There is always so much food and its all free. They had the best chicken tenders ever, a 24-hour pizza place, great brunches for days at sea, and a fancy restaurant for dinner. The menus change every night and one night I couldn't decide it I wanted the lobster or the chicken so I was a little stressed out. But it turns out you can just get both. So of course the rest of the week I would get multiple entrees, appetizers or desserts.

Our first stop was Port Canaveral. We decided to go to the beach that day and had a blast. There were some pretty big waves so Justin rented a surf board and I rented a body board and we caught some pretty good waves.

The second stop was in Nassau in the Bahamas. I had been here a few times before which was cool since I actually knew my way around. We walked downtown for a little bit then decided to go to this bar called Senior Frogs for a drink. I don't think any of us planned on it but we ended up staying there for about four hours. They had great music, lots of contests and gave out free drinks. Basically all the college kids from our cruise were here so we got to meet a lot of new friends. Justin even tied for first place in a dance contest.

Our last stop was at Freeport. We were only there from 7am-1pm so some of the group stayed on the boat but most of us went to the beach. The water was so clear and warm that we mostly just hung out in the water. Before we knew it we had to get back on the boat.

It was really cool being on a boat with the same people for the whole week since you got to recognize a good amount of people. The trivia and dance party hosts started recognizing us and we became friends with one of the waiters at the bar. Words can't even describe how much fun this trip was. I took a bunch of pictures so enjoy.


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