Tis the Season for Finals

One of my favorite things about Saint Mike's is how great it is to be on campus before Christmas. It has always been my favorite holiday and Saint Mike's sure knows how to make you get into the spirit.  As soon as we get back from Thanksgiving break the two big trees near the library are all lit up in lights, christmas trees show up all around campus and if we get lucky the whole campus is covered in a light layer of snow. It's this time of year that I feel the most at home at Saint Mike's. I think the best way to describe it would be by saying that all of campus feels cozy. Since this time of year is filled with finals and end of semester projects things may get stressful but a quick trip to the library walking past the decorated trees, getting free cookies and hot chocolate and seeing all my friends there trying to get work done makes everything so much less stressful. I really can't express how much better this time of year is due to all the decorations and holiday spirit that can be found on campus.  

Fellow bloggers decorating the tree at our Christmas party
Also there are lots of Christmas themed events going on. This past weekend we had two ugly sweater parties, a Christmas themed potluck and even a blogger party. It was kind of difficult having all the celebrations in one weekend since we leave for the semester on Friday but it was doable. There is nothing better than eating gingerbread cookies while listening to Christmas music with friends. Also I cut out the 25 days of Christmas schedule from a magazine so I'm sure to catch all the best holiday movies when I'm taking a break from studying. I'm looking forward to The Year Without a Santa Clause tomorrow night!
One of the ugly sweater parties. We tried to see how many people could fit on the couch. 
There are also other events that the school puts on during these weeks. The biggest one is the fall comedian. Every year we get a comedian to come before finals week and put on a free show for all the students. This year we had Loni Love and she was by absolutely awesome! My entire face hurt after the show and everyone agreed that she was the best comedian we have ever had. She did a standup act but also had audience participation. One of the freshmen from Green Up, Alanna, got called on stage to judge pick up lines from guys. The lines were pretty funny and Loni Love's reaction to them was priceless.

Alanna on stage with Loni Love
As for the finals themselves I think they are going pretty well. I submitted a take home one last night, had my first in class one today and have one more tomorrow. Then I just have a paper to turn in by Friday.


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