The Last Week

Just like that I'm done with my last fall semester at Saint Michael's. Somehow time seems to keep speeding up every year. The last week was full of studying for finals and writing papers but I also had time to do some other more exciting things. On Saturday I went to Smuggs for the first time of the season. There weren't a lot of trails open yet but one of the many benefits of getting a $65 season pass thanks to the Wilderness Program is that you can go on days with okay conditions and not waste any money. For the first week though it wasn't too bad. It was icy in some spots but there were more trails open than usual.

A picture the crew at Smuggs took this past week. Winter is here!
I also went to the Asiana house in Burlington for the first time. It's a sushi spot right near Church St and the food was really good. I got the White Tiger roll which is spicy scallop wrapped in rice which is fried then topped with unagi and spicy teriyaki sauce.

On Wednesday I had an interview with 350 VT for interning for the spring semester. I thought it went really well and I guess she did too because I was offered the position at the end of the interview. I will be working on the tar sands free campaign which I'll post about more once I start next month.
The first 350 rally I attended in Washington DC-Nov 2011
Thursday I along with two other students met with a few members of the board of trustees about divesting from fossil fuels. The meeting went well and they want to work with us but its going to be a difficult process that will take place over a few years.

This morning I handed in my last paper and now I am back in Massachusetts for the holidays!


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