One More Time!

I can't believe I've already been back at Saint Mike's for over two weeks. What is even more scary though is the fact that I'm a senior. If anyone has figured out a way to stay a fifth year without having to pay now would be the time to let me know! Sadly I don't see this happening so I'm just going to have to cram as many memories as I can into this year.

All the senior O-leaders
Since I got to come up here a week early for Orientation I've already done a lot. Orientation was a blast. All my O-babies are awesome and it was great meeting all the other orientation leaders. As a thank you for coming up early ( like we really had to be talked into that) the orientation leaders got to go on a boat cruise around Lake Champlain. We had great weather and I can't think of a better way to start the year.

Sunset from the boat cruise
After a week of classes I think I can say that I'm going to enjoy this semester. I'm only taking classes that really interest me so I find a lot of the work to be fun. I'm taking ecosystem ecology, community ecology, intro to environmental studies and gender studies: foundations. Ecosystem ecology has weekly field trips which should be really interesting. I've already been to two different part of Lake Champlain for class. We are actually going to hike around the top of Mt. Mansfield on saturday. Even though it's a whole day trip I'm looking forward to it seeing as I would most likely be hiking anyways. Gender studies is the only class that doesn't really relate to my major but it's a fun class since everyone in my apartment is taking it and a few other friends are too. We pretty much just decided to take it so that we could all have a class together.
The thrust fault we visited last week in ecosystem ecology


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