Draw the Line

Yesterday I went to a rally in Middlebury against the pipelines that are currently proposed locally and around the country. It was part of the Draw the Line day of action organized by 350.org.  It was a Green Up event so I got to drive one of the school vans down which is always nice since the club can pay for gas that way. There are three main pipelines that we were protesting. The biggest one is the Keystone XL pipeline which would bring tar sands from Alberta Canada down to New Orleans. Vermont was also protesting the fracked gas pipeline that is proposed for Middlebury and another tarsands pipeline that would go through the north east kingdom.

The Saint Mike's crew.

Some of the people lined up along Rt 7.  

There were not as many people as I thought there would be, but there were similar actions going on in many towns around Vermont so I'm sure if you added all the people up it would be a large amount. There were a few speeches talking about the effects the pipelines would have (all of which are negative) then we formed a line along Rt 7 to symbolize a line against the pipelines. After this our group went over to the nearby harvest fest where there turned out to be all kinds of free food. This was probably the best surprise I could have asked for. There were local burgers, cheeses, yogurt, chocolate, apple cider and more. There were a bunch of activities too and Emma got roped into face painting for a little bit. Everyone had a fun time and hopefully we helped raise some awareness about the pipelines.
Emma helps face paint at the harvest festival.


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