Summer Internship

After what felt like months of worrying about what I was going to do this coming summer I finally figured it out. I was offered and accepted a position working for the Harwich Conservation Trust. It's an unpaid internship but housing is provided and it will provide some necessary experience. I have to thank my awesome advisor Professor McCabe for helping me get this position. Whenever he finds a job or internship that he thinks would be of interest to Biology majors he sends out an email to everyone in order to let us know about it. It's thanks to him that I found out about two of the three internships I applied for. He also helped me figure out how to dress and how many positions to apply for (the answer is all that you can). He and the rest of the professors here really want to see you succeed and are more than happy to sit down and help you figure out the right path.
The dark red town is Harwich.

Although I had my sights set on being in Vermont for the summer, the more I think about living on Cape Cod, the more excited I get. The place that I will be living at is only five minutes away from the beach and I already know plenty of other people who will be down there this summer. Also, I only work four days a week so I will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the weekends and possibly get a job so that I can save up some money.


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