Planning for Summer

It seems crazy to think that I'm already planning for summer and senior year. The housing cards for four person townhouses came out today and are due next week. By this time next month I will know where I'm living during my final year at Saint Mike's. Just writing the last sentence made me a little sad since these past few years have gone by way too fast. But before I even worry about senior year I need to figure out what I'm doing this summer. Internships are extremely important and the Career Development office makes sure you know that. I've currently applied for three internships this summer. The first one is in Vermont and depending on which site you get picked for it could be at Middlebury, UVM, or SMC. I would be working to measure water quality and may even be collecting bugs. There is even a part of the SMC website that talks about it. The second one is in Harwich, MA which is in Cape Cod. There I would be working to remove invasive species and educate the community. The third one is for the Fish and Wildlife Foundation and is located in Vermont.

I just got a call today from the in Harwich to schedule a phone interview. I may end up having to go down there for another interview as well. I hope to hear about the Vermont ones soon. Some of the internships pay so I'm really hoping I get one of those ones. I'll give an update once I find out more. Of course once I find out what internship I'm doing, I will have to figure out housing for the summer which could be stressful as well. I think this is going to be a really great summer though since no matter what happens I most likely wont be working at a grocery store anymore and will finally have a job that helps prepare me for work in ecology.


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