Already Planning for Orientation

Although this semester just started less than a month ago, the Orientation leaders for the class of 2017 are already at work planning for the arrival of new students in August. On Monday we had our first group dinner. We all got dressed up and had some delicious food. We also got to find out who our partners are. Everyone had a great time and we have a really amazing group of 66 enthusiastic and entertaining people.
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For those of you that are going to be part of the Class of 2017 you should be pretty pumped for orientation. All the first year students come to campus the Thursday before classes start and we help you all move in. That night there is a fun for all i the gym and socials in the resident halls afterwards. We basically try to make sure that you have as much fun as possible. There are lots of other great events over the weekend such as the first year dance, hypnotist, Connections and a trip to the fair that occurs right off of campus that weekend. On the first day you might feel a little awkward by by the end of the weekend I promise you that you will have made some great friends and memories. Of course we also help to make sure that you know your way around campus and give tours of the library but I think that the hypnotist is the best event of the weekend.

The great thing about orientation is that there are lots of people that apply to be O-leaders. This means that pretty much everyone who got picked is going to be great. I can't wait for August!


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