The Past Few Weeks

I was so focused on telling everyone as much as possible about my break that I kind of forgot to mention everything else that has been going on. So here are the highlights for the past month or so:

The weekend after break I went to Rotorua with my IFSA group. We went mountain biking, lugeing, and sailing. The luge was a blast. It is kind of like an alpine slide except that you are able to steer and instead of a slide it's like a road. This allows you to race against other people which makes things much more exciting. It is the most dangerous tourist activity in New Zealand but luckily no one got hurt too bad. We were supposed to go white water rafting but the river was too high so we went sailing to some hot springs instead. The white water rafting would have been more fun but the sailing was nice too. Also, it didn't hurt that everything was included in our program fee so I didn't have to pay for anything.

The weekend of the 21st-23rd I went to the bay of islands with Megan, Caroline, Lauren, Trish  and Erin. We were supposed to go skydiving but it was too cloudy so we couldn't go. We get to reschedule though so we are working on picking a day to go back up there and do that. We ended up just walking around that day then going out to a club that night. The next day we went on our dolphin cruise which was a blast. We saw a bunch of dolphins and the entire bay looked really nice.

Dolphin! There were much better views of them but my camera wasn't ready...
Some of the islands
This past weekend a bunch of us went to Hamilton. There isn't much to do there but we got coupons for a glow warm trip over there and decided to make a weekend out of it. The glow warm thing was really cool. We kayaked up a river to a campsite then had a fire with marshmallows, wine and cheese while the sun was setting, Then we went down the river and saw all the glow warms. I felt like I was on a ride at Disney since we were just floating down the river and everything looked so amazing. In order to save money we stayed in the dorms of a nearby college since Megan has some friends there. It felt weird being on a campus that has dorms since Massey does not have housing on campus. I actually got really excited to spend a weekend on campus since the weekends are so much fun at Saint Mike's and I thought it would be kind of similar. Sadly it didn't compare at all and just made me really miss SMC. But it was still a fun weekend.

I'm done with all my big weekend trips now so I get to stick around and relax on the weekends now. I finished my last assignment last week so I don't even have to worry about school work now. With the weather getting warmer I plan on going to the beach quite a bit and maybe doing some more paddle boarding. I also have some hikes planned which I'm really looking forward too.


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