Starting the Transition Back to SMC

Yesterday I had my first final. It was quite interesting. The whole environment was like how the SAT's are run. They had us wait outside the room then the proctors came out and read a little script telling us the rules. You had to bring all bags to the front and turn off all phones. You couldn't even have the phone in your pocket. You had to bring it up front and you got a ticket so you could get it back at the end. Only clear water bottles are allowed at your seat. I don't usually get nervous for exams but this whole process gave me some nerves. I think I did well though.

Just as this semester starts wrapping up I have started making plans for when I am back at Saint Mike's. I registered for all my classes yesterday and got every one that I wanted. Here is my schedule for next semester:

Monday Wednesday Friday
8:30-9:35 Marketing
11:00-12:05 Evolution

11:30-1:05 Literary Studies: Aftermath
3:00-4:35 Writing About the Study Abroad Experience
5:00-6:35 Managerial Accounting

11:30-1:05 Literary Studies: Aftermath
1:30-4:30 Evolution Lab
5:00-6:35 Managerial Accounting

The writing about study abroad class counts as an artistic experience which is the only reason why I'm taking it. There is no way that I could take any other artistic type of class. Dance would probably be the second best option and those of you who know me should know that it would not go well. At first Knightvision didn't let me sign up for it since it thought I never studied abroad but within 20 minutes of sending an email to my advisor Professor McCabe, everything was all sorted out and I was enrolled in the class. I think he has the quickest email response time in the history of man.

I also found out that I got accepted for the MOVE service trip to the Dominican Republic. I was so excited even though I had an exam in a few hours I had to go on Facebook to see what trips everyone else got. It made me so happy seeing everyone posting updates being so excited to do community service. I have yet to find anyone here who thinks of service as something that they want to do. I got an email that has a list of everyone who is on the trip and the group looks great! I know everyone except for one person. One of my best friends Carrie is on the trip along with my friends Matt, Abbey and Meg. I can not think of a better way to spend spring break!

One month from today until I visit campus!


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