The Great Sushi Quest

This past weekend brought about lots of activities. On Friday I went back to Long Bay with a couple friends since no one was able to go with me the first time. This time we walked back along the beach which made for quite a different hike. We walked along the bottom of cliffs that are home to many birds. If brought back memories of my first Animal Behavior lab where we had to record gull behavior.  I ended up going out after that even though I was a little tired and told myself I wouldn't. It ended up being a fun night. The next day a group of us went into Auckland to have lunch and see The Dark Knight Rises. We wanted sushi but didn't know where to go. The two people that have been living here the longest tried taking us Americans to their favorite spots. The first one ended up being shut down. The second one was never found. We walked around in circles for about a half hour then just decided to go to the place that we saw under the bar we went to on Wednesday. We ordered a big party platter expecting that to fill us up. It did not. So it was decided that we needed to find another sushi place in order to have a full meal. Josh wanted to take us to his favorite place so we decided to start the search again. After another 45 minutes and a few phone calls to friends we finally found it. The place was one block away from where we got off the bus... but at least we got some exercise.
The next day started with an early morning. I had to leave my flat at 6:30 in order to get to the IFSA-Butler quad biking (ATVs) event. I didn't know if it would be worth the hassle but it was. They allowed us to go a lot faster than I thought they would and the tour was pretty long. I got mine up to 65 km/h before it started making funny noises. We then enjoyed lunch which we had buried underground above rocks that had been heated up. This method produced some really good smoky chicken which was perfect after a long morning.
Pausing for a quick briefing half way through our trip.
Uncovering the food!
I got back home around six which gave me plenty of time to have dinner before heading out to the ice skating that was put on by student life. Sadly knowing how to ice skate is not something that stays with you. I wasn't bad at all in elementary school and could even go backwards. This time however I looked a lot like Bambi. It was still a blast and some truly priceless photos were taken. Click on the photos to make them bigger if you can't see them well enough.
Megan looking a little nervous
Caroline, me and Lauren
I finally got to relax today and we were able to plan out spring break. We booked our flights to and from Christchurch (for under $100) and booked some activities.


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