The End of Summer

This is the last week of my summer and I'm happy to say that I accomplished most of my goals. I worked out more, went to the beach and Canobie Lake, did some hiking,visited friends and made lots of money. Now its time to pack for winter (luckily winter has temperatures in the 50's there). I just had my last day of work on Saturday and am enjoying a few free days before heading off on Wednesday. It was kind of bittersweet on Saturday. I huge part of me is happy that I'm done with MArket BAsket until November, but another part of me is going to miss that place. Although the job is boring there are some great people who work there. I got a few going away gifts and my boss even wrote good luck on the schedule which I've never seen before!
I didn't think I would get nervous but I'm starting to feel it a little. The fact that I'm going to be out of the country until Thanksgiving is sinking in and I will truly be living on my own. At SMC I feel like I always have a safety net. I can easily contact my parents and if I ever need anything they are more than willing to make the three hour drive up or meet me somewhere. I will also not a have meal plan so my future flat mates and I will be in change of buying our own food and doing all the cooking which could be interesting.

The part that I'm most nervous about is getting there. I've never flew anywhere alone before and the fact that I have to go through customs by myself as well is not comforting. Also, I have three flights to worry about and a seven hour layover in LA. Hopefully I will be able to leave my luggage somewhere and get outside for a little bit.

Once I get there I'm sure everything will go smoothly.  IFSA-Butler has done a great job of explaining where to go and what is going to happen once we get to New Zealand and I can't wait to meet everyone.

Even though I'm a bit nervous, the main emotion right now is excitement and I can't wait to share my adventures with everyone!


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