Free Skiing and Water Park? Sounds Good!!

This past weekend ShredMC, our ski and snowboard club sponsored a trip to Jay Peak. The best part is that it included a free ski pass, water park ticket and transportation. Thats well over a $100 value which is pretty awesome since I really like skiing Jay and wanted to try out the water park. Since it was such a good deal signing up was competitive. We had to sign up at 7:45am in the student center. I got there at 7:40 and got the third to last spot. Since the demand was so high then ended up getting another bus so that eighty people could go. I went with two sophomore friends Brendan and Greg.
Greg hanging with a tree. We all fell but it was like falling on pillows.

The conditions were great in the glades. Jay has some really long and nice glades which were a workout but a blast. The other trails were tricky at the top since the visibility was really low in open areas. But we were more than happy staying in the trees. Since the runs were so long and we wanted to go to the water park for awhile we called it a day around 2:00 after getting in five solid runs. Our legs were like jello at that point anyways so we couldn't have done much more even if we wanted to.

The lines for the tram to the summit.
Going to a water park after skiing may be the best combo of activities ever. Walking into the 85 degree area felt so good. There are four water slides, two use tubes and the other two are body slides. One of the body slides you have to stand up then they drop you and you go around a loop type thing. I decided to take a few laps around the lazy river while Brendan and Greg did that. There is also a florider machine which simulates surfing and boogie boarding. I tried the boogie boarding one and it was pretty fun. There are also some outdoor hot tubs and a bar upstairs where I hung out with some other seniors near the end of the day.

Indoor water park!
It was an awesome day and I'm so glad ShredMC put this on for everyone!

One last look at half of the resort.


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