Days Without Class

This semester I only have class Monday, Wednesday and Friday which means most days I'm not in class. I've been keeping busy though with my internship and other activities. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have my internship with 350 Vermont. I'm the tar sands free intern so I work in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to organize resistance to the possible pipeline reversal. My role consists of calling and emailing volunteers, updating the website, making presentations and getting to know the Northeast Kingdom. I've really been enjoying it so far. I'm never in the office and we are always going to new places which I really enjoy.
View from the chairlift with Stowe in the background
Then of course there are no classes on the weekends so I tend to go do something outside on Saturdays then keep Sundays free for relaxing and doing homework. I've gone skiing twice so far this semester which isn't too bad seeing how busy I've been. I also went snow shoeing a few weeks ago which was a blast.

Almost at the summit snow shoeing. 
So if you ever find yourself with classes only three days a week don't worry about getting bored. There is plenty of other things to do. In fact I think this has ended up being one of my busiest semesters yet!
A dog ended up following us during snow shoeing. 


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