Last Semester!

It's hard to believe but last week I signed up for my last semester of classes at Saint Mike's. I remember moving into Joyce like it's yesterday yet somehow graduation is coming this May. I only have to take three more classes instead of the usual four which is nice since I will have extra time for an internship, part time job and or skiing.
Here are the classes I'm taking:

Biology Senior Seminar- This one works with business majors to start an environmental start up company. We present our plans and the top business plans get selected to compete in front of judges for a cash prize. Since I'm a Business minor as well as an Environmental Studies minor I feel like this class was made just for me!

Environmental Problems- This is my last class for my Environmental Studies minor and it only meets once a week so that we can go on field trips to various places during class time. Almost every week is a field trip which should be really interesting.

Human Physiology- This is my last Biology elective. I haven't taken a class on anatomy or physiology at all in college so I should learn a lot from this.

One of the best things about my schedule for next semester is that I have no class on Tuesdays or Thursdays which opens up a lot of free time. I just applied for some internships for next semester and plan on getting a part time job as well. Also this means that I could possibly go skiing four days a week. I most likely won't since I have other work to do but it is an exciting opportunity.

Speaking of skiing I just picked up my season pass to Smuggs which is only $65. Also new this year we have access to the pools and hot tubs at their fitness center and get discounts at a lot of the retail locations at the resort. Opening day is over Thanksgiving break so I'll be sure to bring up my ski stuff when I come back.
Here is a picture of Smuggs that they posted on Facebook today. It's getting snowy!!


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