A Perfect Weekend

Last weekend could not have been any better! It had the perfect combination of fall activities, concerts, and just hanging out with friends. It started off like every weekend this semester by me leading a group of volunteers at the organic garden on campus. It is run though MOVE which is our volunteer program on campus. Every week we go down and do some weeding, cleaning, planting and whatever else needs to be done. Not only is it great to help out but it's also a perfect way to relax outside and meet some great people. That night we had the first Green Up potluck of the semester. Everyone brought food and we played Apples to Apples and a bunch of other games.

Saturday I went to Shelburne Farms with some friends. It's a giant property right on Lake Champlain and you can hike, pet cows and get some local food. Some of it was kind of meant for kids but it was still really fun. There was also a cheese tasting so of course we hung out for a while. My favorite part was getting lunch. All the food is either grown on the farm or comes from the surrounding towns. I got a turkey bacon sandwich which was delicious. We also hiked up a hill to a great view overlooking the lake and upstate New York.

That night I went to a concert at UVM with some other friends. 3LAU was there who is one of our favorite DJs. There were three artists performing and we didn't know the first or last groups so we just went for 3LAU but his set was over an hour so it was worth it. It's great being so close to UVM since they tend to have different concerts than we do and they offer cheaper tickets to all students. I do have to say though that I don't think any college concert can top the Macklemore concert here last year. We had a blast though and I was exhausted after since we were jumping up and down and dancing the whole time.

The group that went to Shelburne Farms
Looking at the farm building
View from the hill

Sunday I led another MOVE trip. This time we went to pick apples to donate to a food shelf. The orchard we went to is owned by a family that only opens it up to their friends, family and neighbors. They donate the rest of the apples. So we picked all the apples that were still left on certain kinds of trees. The owners let us pick some apples for ourselves after we were done which was really nice of them and also allowed me to make some apple crisp when I got home.
Sunday night I went to another concert. This one was at Higher Ground which is a small venue about ten minutes from campus. I saw Needtobreathe and I didn't even have to pay. I volunteered to sell merchandise for them so I got in for free. The merch table had a great view of the show and even though I wasn't a huge fan of the set they played it was still a pretty cool experience.

There is always plenty to do on the weekends here and I can't wait to see what adventures next weekend brings.


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