Spring Skiing

So it may be near the end of March but this month has been the best by far for skiing this season. Thanks to the $30 season pass to Smugglers Notch that Saint Mike's gives us I've been getting out as often as possible. Before spring break I went on a weekday and the conditions were perfect and there were no lines. Yesterday the conditions were really good too. We got a lot of snow this past week so there was plenty of snow in the glades.
Smuggs has three different mountains
We are pretty lucky to be able to go skiing so often. The fact that the mountain is 45 minutes away and that we don't have to pay each time makes it really easy to just go for half days. Yesterday we didn't leave campus until 10:30 but we were still able to get in at least eight runs. The week before spring break we got in about six runs and I was still able to get back to campus well before my 3:00 class.

After this weekend I feel that I got in all the skiing I wanted to. Now I'm kind of hoping that the snow will melt so that I can go hiking soon.


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