Goodbyes and Fiji

Last night in town with me, Caroline, Greg and Josh.
It's hard to believe that the semester is over. My last day in New Zealand was on the 14th then I went to Fiji for a few nights. The last week in New Zealand was bittersweet since everyone started leaving yet I was looking forward to Fiji and coming home. On Saturday night I went to town with a bunch of friends for one last night out. Then I found out that there was a big event on Monday night so I ended up having a second last night in town. There was some great music and I already miss going out to clubs with everyone. On the 13th I went blackwater rafting which was really cool. Black water rafting is when you go tubing in a cave. There were all kinds of glow warms and we got to go on a zip-line and even climb up waterfalls to get out.
Trying some octopus! It was really good.
Then at 2:30am wednesday morning it was time to leave. I did everything that I planned to do in New Zealand so I guess it was time to go. But I still want to go back at some point to visit people or better yet maybe they will come to the states at some point. I got to Fiji before noon and got picked up by Bamboo which is the hostel I stayed at for the first night. Everyone was really friendly there and all the workers knew our names within a half hour of arriving. The next day I left for The Beachouse where I stayed for four nights. As soon as I got there I met a group of volunteers from England who just worked in a village for eight weeks and were relaxing before going home. Most of my time there consisted of hanging out with them or reading. I had a feeling that I would be going to bed pretty early in Fiji but that was not the case. I think we stayed up till 2 every night. It was a blast. I also went on a jungle trek with some people from Germany. We learnt about the local culture and got to hike up to a waterfall. The path was extremely muddy and I left my hiking boots at the airport but that just added to the adventure.

Coral I found while sea kayaking.

The beach at the hostel.
On the third day at the Beachouse my friends Erin and Tricia came. They left New Zealand before me and had been exploring other parts of Fiji. It was Erin's birthday so all the people anywhere close to our age helped her celebrate. That's one of the best things about hostels, everyone is so friendly and you get to know so many people. I think that is one of the things I will miss the most about traveling. Fiji was awesome and I highly recommend that you go there if you get the chance. I want to go back again sometime so I can explore more of the country.

Before I knew it it was time for me to go. After 44 hours of travel I arrived back in Massachusetts safe and sound. And more importantly right in time for Thanksgiving! This week I'm going up to SMC to visit everyone. I can't wait!!! Also I updated the music page so check it out if you want.


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