A Day in the Life at SMC

I was looking through the Class of 2016 Facebook page yesterday and saw that some people were wondering what we do between classes at SMC. So I figured I would post my typical schedule for a few days from last semester.

9:00- Wake up and get ready for class
9:50- Go to Animal Behavior
10:50- Head over to Alliot for lunch with friends
11:30- Go back to my room and finish any homework for my next class
12:10- Go to Intro to Business
1:10- Head back to my room and watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother
2:00- Give a tour
3:00- Workout
4:00- Hang out with friends
6:00- Dinner
7:00- Green Up (our environmental club) meeting
8:00- Watch some TV
10:00- Do homework or hang out with friends
Midnight- Bed

Saturdays during ski season
8:00- Wake up and get ready to head to Smuggs thanks to the $30 season pass
4:00- Head back home
5:00- Shower
5:45- Go to Alliot for dinner
6:30- Nap
8:00- Get ready to hang out with friends
2:00- Bed

Saturdays not during ski season
11:00- Wake up
11:30- Brunch
12:15- Go on some outdoor adventure if the weather is nice (ex: hiking, corn maze, walk along the waterfront, go to North Beach)
5:00 Go back home and nap
6:00 Head over to Church St for dinner and walking around
8:30 Go back to campus and get ready for the night
2:00 Bed

Of course I don't do the same thing every day and I don't actually have all this stuff scheduled out but this can give you a good idea of an average day for me. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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